•        Always assume anyone wearing a kilt is going regimental.  It's just safer that way.

  •        Never eat or drink anything if the person offering it to you won't tell you what it is.

  •        Hydration, hydration, hydration!

  •        When choosing a name for your persona, originality is key.  No one at a re-enactment
    event (Period Nazi or otherwise) will ever forgive you if you introduce yourself as

  •        When selecting garb, 100% accuracy is not always possible.  When proper garb cannot
    be obtained, modern clothing can be substituted provided it fakes it well.  And when in
    doubt...naked is period (though not always socially accepted).

  •        Having no accent is better than having a bad one.

  •        For Fighters: At some point during the course of your combat career, you've probably
    lost at least one fight.  We're all very impressed with your white belt, but if this were really
    the Middle Ages you'd be DEAD right now.  Get over yourself.

  •        Regular bathing and attention to personal hygiene may not necessarily be period.  
    However, this is definitely considered one of those pesky little details it would be in your
    best interests to ignore.

  •        Do not refer to garb as a "costume".

  •        Do not refer to a re-enactor's persona as their "character".

  •        Referring to a kilt as a "skirt" within earshot of anyone wearing one is a good way to
    earn yourself a right royal thumping.

  •        The Cloven Fruit game can be a lot of fun, but be careful who you play with.  It tends
    to degrade very quickly into a big game of Who-Wants-To-Sleep-With-Who, and many
    people will only use it as a means to get into each other's pants.

  •        If you're walking down the road at an event, and somebody calls out "DRAGON!",
    move over.  It means a car is coming.

  •        There is a difference between re-enactment and a LARP.  While a LARP embraces the
    concepts of high fantasy, re-enactment concerns itself with actual history.  The difference is
    very important, and the two do not mix...so don't attempt it.  If you're thinking of making
    your persona an elf, you need to seriously reconsider and quickly.

  •        When the event is over, go home.  Be yourself.  Re-enactment is all fun and games, and
    nothing more.  You only pretend to be a king.  Do not forget who you really are.  Now shut
    up, get over yourself, and pump my gas...your Highness.

  •        Symbols are very important in re-enactment.  Colors, shapes, and images all have
    meaning.  Be very careful when choosing which symbols to adorn yourself with, or else
    people will think you're something you're not.  The exact meaning of some symbols may
    change from kingdom to kingdom, or even household to household, so be sure to do your
    homework.  A few of the most commonly encountered symbols are as follows:
  • Belt colors: White = knight, Red = squire, Green = apprentice
  • Occupations (symbol appears on medallion or favor): Blood Drop =
    chirurgeon, Book & Quill = scribe, Crossed Horns = herald, Crossed Lances
    = marshal
  • Awards: golden laurel circlet = laurel (arts), mythical pelican = pelican